February 18, 2021

Finding the right furnace size for your home is important in keeping your home warm. Failure to choose the right-size furnace can lead to significant costs and make it much more challenging to keep your house feeling comfortable. Here are a few of the main things to consider while you are looking for a new furnace for your house.

1. Understand Your Climate

The first step in finding a furnace for your home is to understand your climate. For example, the winter season in Arizona is much milder compared to Illinois. Your furnace will need to output much more heat in a colder climate compared to a warmer area. Finding a furnace that can handle the demands of a cold climate is essential in staying comfortable during the winter season.

2. Estimate the Square Footage of Your Home

Another important factor to consider is the square footage of your house. You will need greater heat output from your furnace if you live in a bigger-than-average home. You may need to get out the tape measure to calculate the square footage, or you can check out your home design plan if you have it with you.

3.Calculate the BTU Output

The last step is to calculate the square footage of your home with the BTUs related to your climate. You can check out a map to determine your climate zone. Homes in Illinois are located in Climate Zone A, which is 50-60s BTUs multiplied against the square foot of your home. This is how you would determine the necessary BTU output for your space. Once you calculate this number, you can find a furnace with the right size BTU to keep your house warm while not wasting any energy.

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