June 16, 2022
HVAC Dampers in Decatur, IL

HVAC zoning takes central heating and cooling systems to far higher levels of efficiency. When the heating and cooling equipment in your Champaign, Illinois, home is zoned, you can use it to selectively control temperatures in the areas that you’re using. You won’t have to pay to heat or cool spaces that no one is in, and everyone can enjoy customized comfort. Although relatively low-cost and absolutely inconspicuous, HVAC dampers play an incredibly important role in the zoning process.

Dampers Direct the Flow of Conditioned Air

Some homeowners attempt to create zoned heating and cooling themselves by closing off vents in areas that aren’t occupied. This strategy causes major problems by creating massive build-ups of air pressure within HVAC air ducts. Due to increased air pressure, closed vents often result in increased home energy use and significant damage to heating and cooling systems.

HVAC dampers work similarly to closed vents, but without harming HVAC equipment or raising energy bills. These dampers are installed directly in a home’s existing ductwork. They are connected to a control box that monitors the thermostat settings in each zone or room. “Calling zones,” or areas that require conditioned air, are left open for airflow. “Satisfied areas,” or areas that have already reached the desired temperature, are closed off. HVAC dampers in zoned systems automatically respond to the commands of control systems to either allow or inhibit airflow as necessary.

There Are Dampers for Preventing Air Pressure Build-ups Too

Dampers are also used in zoned HVAC systems to prevent potentially damaging increases in air pressure. Also referred to as bypass dampers, these dampers are installed in bypass ducts. When the demands on a zoned HVAC system create significant increases in air pressure, bypass dampers open up to let excess air flow out.

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