February 17, 2022
Furnace Maintenance in Decatur, IL

Getting the longest possible lifespan from your furnace doesn’t need to be a huge hassle. Ultimately, the habits and practices that will buy your furnace more time are the same ones that will improve its current performance. Most of these actions will benefit your household in the short term and the long term, so why not try them out?

Heat Conservation

Every time you let household heat go to waste, whether it’s through a leaky window or from leaving your furnace on too long, it’s impacting your heating system’s health. Providing your furnace with sufficient rest and preventing it from doing extra work will significantly extend its lifespan.

You can conserve heat in numerous ways; closing your curtains at night, purchasing a programmable thermostat, sealing household leaks, and dressing more warmly are all effective options. From now on, when you go to turn up your thermostat, ask yourself if you have any alternatives for staying warm. Every time the answer is yes, you’ll be making things easier on your furnace.

Yearly Professional Furnace Maintenance

Scheduling yearly furnace tune-ups will not only expand the unit’s life, but doing so will also improve heating performance, curb energy waste, and prevent devastating breakdowns. The winters get chilly in the Decatur, IL, area, but our technicians at Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning can tune up your furnace to ensure it’s up to the task of keeping you warm. We’ll clean the system, inspect its health, and make any improvements that we can. On average, these affordable maintenance visits will keep your furnace running smoothly for an extra five to seven years.

Duct Cleaning

If your home’s ductwork gets excessively dusty and dirty, it can result in an obstruction of your furnace’s airflow. That leads to your heating system needing to increase its air pressure to do its job, which will worsen its health and efficiency over time. To prevent this, call in a professional ductwork technician. They’ll not only clean out these pathways, but they’ll also verify that your ducts are healthy and fully sealed.

Since 1979, we at Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning have offered quality heating and cooling services to the Decatur, Champaign, and Urbana areas. We’re a family-owned business, and we’re dedicated to providing our customers with peace of mind. In addition to heating and cooling, our other services include duct sealing, fireplace services, and home performance solutions. Contact us at Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning now to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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