March 16, 2023
AC Maintenance in Decatur, IL

Providing timely maintenance to the air conditioner goes a long way toward keeping your home cool without interruptions. Are there signs that it is time to call in the professionals? Let’s look at some ways your AC indicates it needs maintenance work.

Warm Air From Vents

You don’t want warm air when you are trying to cool down. If your thermometer indicates a lower setting than the ambient temperature, it could be a compressor problem, constricted airflow, or an uncalibrated thermostat. Regular maintenance or a tune-up can identify and fix these issues.

Refrigerant or Water Accumulation

A noticeable leak or pooling water indicates something isn’t working correctly. A misaligned drain pan or clogged drain line could be the issue. Performing maintenance will keep liquids flowing and identify corrosion or other problems before they become leaks or overflow the condensation controls.

Problems With Airflow

A lack of airflow from your vents could indicate a dirty filter, a blockage in the ductwork, or a motor that is breaking down. That can lead to inefficiency and higher monthly operating costs. Routine maintenance can identify these issues and often prevent them from happening.

Short Cycling

If your air conditioner keeps switching on and off in less than 10-minute cycles, it can cause wear and tear on the compressor and other components. Dirty air filters, thermostat location, or compressor issues can cause short cycling. Preventive maintenance can keep your AC running normally.

High Humidity Levels

Lower refrigerant levels and frost or ice buildup on the evaporator coil can cause the air to feel humid as it leaves the air conditioner. Left unaddressed, it can cause problems with the compressor and other parts of your HVAC system. Performing maintenance can help reduce humidity in your home.

We Provide More Than AC Maintenance

If you experience AC issues beyond maintenance, we can help. Our technicians can perform repairs and install new air conditioning equipment. We also work on ductwork, fireplaces, furnaces, home performance and offer an HVAC maintenance plan. Contact us at Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning today for home comfort assistance in Decatur, Champaign, or Urbana.

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