April 12, 2021
Heating System in Decatur, IL

A gas furnace comes in enormously helpful when homeowners suffer through the cold winter season. As soon as summer arrives, the temperature increases and concerns shift to hot weather. What about the gas furnace, though? Is it necessary to shut off the stove during the summer season?

What to Do With a Gas Furnace During the Winter

No reason exists to keep a gas furnace running in the summer. Shutting the heater off when the summer arrives might be a good move. Only downsides exist to letting it run.

Leaving the gas furnace “on” during the summer might not seem like anything of concern. Since the interior temperature would be, say, 65 degrees, the air conditioner would bring the temperature down instead of the heater driving it up. However, keeping the furnace on could drive up energy prices unnecessarily while causing other problems.

Homeowners don’t need to neglect a furnace during the summer. Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning could assist Decatur homeowners with HVAC system cleanings. The company also performs furnace and air conditioner repair, maintenance, and installation work.

Added Costs Resulting From Running the Furnace

Leaving the furnace running through the summer means the pilot light remains lit. Gas ends up burning to keep the pilot light on, and there will be some costs deriving from the pilot light’s flame.

A gas furnace also relies on electrical components to operate. Those electrical parts may need to draw some electricity during the summer, which might also drive up utility costs. Wasting energy means wasting money, and there is not likely any reason to do either. An exception could exist. If an HVAC system relies on its blower and electrical system to run both heating and cooling, keeping the electricity running to the system is unavoidable. Without electricity, the HVAC’s heating system won’t work. When heating and cooling are separated, cutting off the electrical source to the furnace may prove advisable.

Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning remains available for heating and cooling services, along with duct sealing and fireplace work. We’re Energy Star and BPI certified. Call our office to book an appointment today.

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