July 26, 2021
Bugs in AC in Decatur, IL

Bugs crawling into your house through your air conditioning equipment can be an alarming situation. The availability of open spaces allows the bugs to crawl into your living or working space. There are a few tricks you can use to keep the bugs from coming through your air conditioning unit into your home.

1. Use Duct Tape

Normally, bugs can crawl into your living or working environment because there is an opening that lets them through. Essentially, these openings are mere cracks or spaces left around the air conditioner. To handle this problem, evaluate the space around the air conditioner for cracks and openings. After identifying them, use duct tape to seal them off. However, don’t use duct tape for openings larger than one inch.

2. Caulk the Openings

Bigger cracks or openings cannot be handled by duct tape. This is where you should use caulk. Essentially, caulk is a sealing material that you can use on wood and other materials. After identifying the bigger openings, put the caulk into the openings for sealing.

3. Install Screening Material for Your AC

Instead of sealing each crack that appears, you can install a material that screens out the bugs. Typically, the screening material should seal out any openings and cover your AC component. With this option, however, you may sacrifice air quality.

4. Use Good Old Cardboard

Cardboard is the most convenient option that you might have on hand. Essentially, you cut the cardboard into small pieces to fit into the openings. This is the cheapest option for sealing large spaces. However, the cardboard option may not be visually appealing for you or your neighbors.

Bugs are a nuisance and could also bring about damage to your air conditioner. But, with the above tricks, you can keep your environment free of bugs and maintain the great condition of your AC. At Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance services to Champaign, Decatur, or Urbana residents. To schedule service, contact Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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