December 20, 2021
Heater Winterization in Decatur, IL

It’s important that your home serves as a warm, comfortable shelter when the weather outside becomes harsh. If your heating system isn’t in good shape, though, this may not be the case. On average, homeowners tend to put much more pressure on their furnaces during the winter months, and if this describes you, you need to make sure that you’ve properly prepared yours to handle the extra demands that come with the cold season.

Clean the Vents and Ducts

To circulate warm air through your home, your furnace is constantly utilizing your air ducts and vents. If your vents or ductwork accumulate too much dust and debris, your heating system will struggle to do its job effectively and efficiently. Now that winter has arrived, take the time to schedule a professional ductwork inspection and cleaning. As for the vents, simply remove each protective panel using a screwdriver, and then use a vacuum extension hose to thoroughly clean them out.

Schedule Maintenance

A furnace tune-up from a local professional will also make a large difference in getting the best results from your heating system this winter. The tweaks your technician makes will improve the appliance’s energy efficiency, ability to provide warmth and overall health. Try to keep up with these tune-ups on a yearly basis.

Replace the Air Filter

If your furnace’s air filter becomes too dirty or clogged, the heating system will need to work much harder to pull air through, which can damage the appliance and increase the risk of a breakdown. Switch the filter out for a new one now, and don’t forget to check it regularly, especially during the winter.

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