December 13, 2023
Air duct sealing in Decatur, IL

According to Energy Star, leaky air ducts can increase your home energy bill by as much as 20%. If you have yet to seal the air distribution system in your Champaign, IL home, now is the perfect time to do so. Duct sealing is always a worthwhile investment.

Increase Your Indoor Comfort

If you have hot and cold spots throughout your home, leaky air ducts could be the reason. One way to tell is by placing your hand on the wall of a room that always feels cooler than others. If this surface feels warm to the touch, much of the air that your heater produces is being deposited behind your drywall.

Decrease HVAC System Stress

HVAC systems must work harder when the conditioned air they supply doesn’t make it into living areas. Leaky, unsealed ductwork can also experience problems with fluctuating air pressure. If serious and left unchecked for long, leaky ducts could cause your heating equipment to overheat, short cycle, or experience other performance issues.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

When air enters your ductwork rather than escapes it, it’s circulated throughout your home without ever passing through your HVAC air filter. Worse still, this air is often drawn from areas like dusty attics and basements, and it significantly lowers indoor air quality (IAQ). Duct sealing will create an airtight distribution system and keep harmful particulates out of your HVAC equipment and your airways. You might have leaky air ducts if your furnace filter needs changes more than once a month and your heating equipment runs longer than normal heating cycles.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

In addition to shaving up to 20% off your home energy bill, sealed ductwork can significantly reduce your carbon footprint. This is especially true when duct sealing services are paired with air duct insulation. You’ll use less energy year-round to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

We’re excited to help residents of Champaign, IL experience the outstanding benefits of professional duct sealing firsthand. We offer AC and heater maintenance, installation, and repairs. We also offer heat pumps, fireplaces, and preventative maintenance agreements. To have your HVAC air ducts sealed, call Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning now!

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