January 19, 2023
Fireplace Servicing in Decatur, IL.

It is essential to have your fireplace serviced at least once a year, typically before the start of the heating season. This will ensure that your fireplace is in good working order and that there are no potential safety hazards. Regular maintenance will also help prolong the life of your fireplace and chimney and ensure they are functioning at their best.

Fireplace Services

During a fireplace service, our professional will inspect the chimney, firebox, damper, and other components of your fireplace. They will also check for any blockages, such as creosote buildup, that could cause a chimney fire. Creosote is a byproduct of burning wood, and it can accumulate in the chimney over time. If left unchecked, it can become a fire hazard. A chimney sweep will remove creosote and any other debris to ensure that your chimney is clean and safe.

Additionally, the professional will check for any damage or wear and tear to the fireplace. If any repairs are needed, they will be made during the service. This will help to ensure that your fireplace is operating safely and efficiently.

Another important aspect of fireplace maintenance is having your chimney inspected and cleaned annually. This will help prevent chimney fires and improve the overall efficiency of your fireplace. A chimney inspector will check for any structural issues such as cracks, damage, or deterioration and will also check for any blockages, such as bird nests, that could cause a chimney fire.

It is also recommended that you have your chimney inspected if you haven’t used your fireplace in a while, if you notice any strange smells coming from your fireplace, or if you notice any smoke coming back into your home.

If problems get caught early, they can often get fixed before they become more serious and costly. It is important to remember that regular fireplace and chimney maintenance is not only important for safety but also for the longevity and efficiency of your fireplace.

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