October 20, 2022
Furnace Maintenance in Decatur, IL

These days, more homeowners in Decatur, IL than ever have a high-efficiency gas furnace heating their home. They’re a marvel of modern engineering. They’re efficient, clean, and cost far less to operate than older models. The thing is, they also have something else that older furnaces didn’t. High-efficiency furnaces include condensate drain lines that carry accumulated moisture away from the furnace. They’re critical to the furnace’s operation, but not many homeowners know that they should perform some routine maintenance on them from time to time.

Inspecting Your Furnace’s Condensate Line

Most of the time, the condensation produced by your furnace will collect in its drain pan and flow unimpeded out of your home. Therefore, you don’t need to drain your furnace’s condensate line. It will take care of itself. What you do need to do, however, is to check that the condensate line isn’t blocked or clogged from time to time.

If you notice any water surrounding your furnace, it likely means you have a clogged condensate line. Even if you don’t see any evidence of water, however, it doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. You should also look at the end of the line while your furnace is on to see if it’s draining as it should. A high-efficiency furnace will produce .8 gallons of condensate for every hour of operation. If you don’t see any condensation coming out, you could have a clog.

Dealing With a Clogged Line

If you believe that your condensate line isn’t flowing freely, you shouldn’t ignore it. You should give the experts here at Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning a call to have it inspected. Our expert technicians have the tools necessary to clear out a clogged condensate drain line without doing any damage to it or your furnace.

They’ll begin by flushing out the line with a cleaning solution. They’ll also take care to clean out your condensate line’s trap if it has one. If your line has an especially stubborn clog, they’ll use high-pressure air to dislodge it and fix the problem. And they’ll also inspect your furnace to let you know if it needs any other maintenance performed.

So, for condensate drain line cleaning or any other HVAC repair or maintenance services in Decatur, contact Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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