October 18, 2023
Furnace blower repair in Decatur, IL

When your furnace blower doesn’t work, you’re not going to get any warm air blowing through your home. You’ll probably be eager to find a fix as quickly as possible. Your professional repair technician may identify one of the following blower issues as the cause of the problem:

Problematic Thermostat

An issue with your thermostat could keep your blower from turning on. It may need new batteries, or something could have gone wrong with its internal wiring. Replacing the batteries or swapping out the unit itself might resolve your blower problems.

Dirty System

If you’ve been skipping your annual tune-ups, your blower might be caked with too much dust or dirt to work properly. When dirt clogs the system, the moving parts can’t turn. A routine cleaning can help rectify the situation.

Bad Capacitor

Your furnace has a capacitor that controls how much power is delivered to the blower. If the capacitor malfunctions, no power will go to the blower. You’ll have to have the capacitor replaced or repaired before the blower can run.

Broken Belt

Most modern furnaces don’t depend on a belt for blower operation, but older ones do. A worn or cracked belt can’t do its job. Once the unit has a fresh belt, the blower might work again as long as there aren’t any other underlying issues.

Damaged Control Board

In newer furnaces, a control board heads up furnace operations. When the board malfunctions for one reason or another, the blower won’t receive the signals that it requires to operate. Board troubles can be tricky to diagnose. You’ll need a professional’s input to figure out the problem and to put in a new board if necessary.

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