August 11, 2022
AC Cleaning in Decatur, IL

Keeping your air conditioner clean can be a repetitive, time-consuming task. You’ve likely considered saving time by using your power washer to quickly clean the outside of the system. Unfortunately, power washing is one of the most deadly things you can do to your AC unit.

Dangers of Power Washing

Power washers use thousands of pounds of pressure to remove mildew, filth and stains. These tools are perfectly safe on concrete or stone, which won’t easily budge against any force. However, your AC unit is covered in delicate fins and coils made from soft metals like copper or aluminum. Using a power washer could instantly destroy an entire coil bed, costing you hundreds of dollars in replacement fees. There’s also the possibility that the water will cut through the internal tubing, compromising the safety of your system.

Power washers should never be used on your AC unit. Even the portable battery-operated washers still create hundreds of pounds of pressure. There are too many fragile parts inside your system that could rupture or become irreparably damaged.

The safest way to keep your AC unit clean is to take the cover off and use a vacuum cleaner to remove debris. You can then wash away any remaining filth with a water hose. Avoid using nozzles with high-pressure settings that might disturb the motor or fins. Cleaning your AC unit by hand may feel like a lengthy process, but it’s necessary to keep your unit damage-free and efficient.

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