October 20, 2020

Heat pumps are becoming more popular in the heating and cooling industry. Many homes utilize these systems, but not all homeowners know much about them. To help make clear what heat pumps are and how they work, here’s a quick guide on the basics.

The Heat Pump System

A heat pump is a home comfort system that transfers heat energy from a source of heat to a thermal reservoir. This system does not actually burn fuel or use electrical resistance across a coil. In heat pump systems, heat and cooling are generated through varying processes involving compressed coolants in an enclosed system. These coolants are gases that can ultimately generate both heat energy and cooling potential within the system, which is then radiated through the rest of the house via air movement.

Summer Function Versus Winter

During the hot summer months, heat pump systems are used for air conditioning. To produce cold air inside, the heat pump system absorbs the heat energy from the air into the system’s coils that contain coolant. The hot air is then moved outside by the system. By the time the coolant cycles back into the home, it has lost its stored heat and is ready to absorb more as it re-loops through the system.

The opposite function takes place in the winter. When it’s cold out and you want to heat the inside of your home, the heat pump system loops heat energy absorbed outside of the home and then releases it inside. Once it has lost the stored heat to the indoor area, it cycles back outside where it gains heat energy again for another trip indoors. A fan is typically a part of this system and blows across the coils to help disperse the heat or coolness of the coils into the indoor air space.

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