At Jesse Heating and Air Conditioning, we think our customer service speaks for itself. But if you’d like to learn more about our heating and air conditioning, home performance or fireplace services, these testimonials offer great insights into what working with us is really like.


"Jesse installed our new furnace and air conditioning unit in May, 2013 and we were totally pleased/satisfied with the installation. They handled all the paperwork for the energy credits that saved us $600 on the job. This morning (Nov. 2014), they added a humidifier to the furnace. I am really pleased that we have a state of the art, energy efficient system. Our heating/air bill went down after the initial installation and I expect more savings from the humidifier. I could detect a difference in the air within minutes of the humidifier starting up. As to the kind of people they are, I want to thank the two workers who came today and who had the patience and good humor to allow our little Dachshund to insert himself right under their noses and elbows as they worked. Dogs are the best judge of character and Otto realllly liked these guys!"

- Barbara M.

"Competent, polite, efficient service. I have used them for air, heat and fireplace upkeep and been very happy with the service. Early morning service slots helps keep them in the running—since I work 8-5, getting appointments so I don't have to miss much work is nearly impossible with other service providers."

- Krista B., Urbana

"Bradley, Josh and Bobby just left my home after doing an insulation install. WOW! Top notch company. The gentleman were friendly and described everything happening to me. Thank you Jesse's for your hard working crew!"

- Julie F., Decatur

"What a great bunch of guys!!!! So friendly and kind....Thanks a lot again!!!"

- Paula M.

"Tom the fireplace installer is such a pleasant person to be around. This is my second experience of using him for an install. He flat out deserves and earns his paycheck! This time he installed a gas log set in an empty house...Very considerate, respectful, and trustworthy! You guys have earned my business! Well done indeed. Jesse Heating should be proud, thanks!"

- Dwayne R.

We would like to thank you for the great work you did at our place on our old air conditioner. The unit is functioning well. Thanks for our efficacy and honesty!

- Kevin L.

Dave did a fantastic job carefully removing my furnace so the plumber could replace the old copper drain from the kitchen. He re-installed it with equal care immediately after the plumber finished and I had heat back after only one cold night. I was so happy to have my kitchen sink working again and my furnace working as good as always again. Thank you so much for coordinating your work with my plumber.

- Frank W

This afternoon, Jesse Heating finished the work of improving our home. A new furnace, air conditioner, additional insulation and proper lining of our crawl space. When it was checked by Brad, he found a 30% improvement. Thank you. The work was done very professionally, timely, on th epromised shcedule by courteous, well trained and experienced efficient experts.

But more important, the installation of a new furnace most likely saved our lives, or at least kept us from serious health problems. I have been nursing a GE 25- year-old furnace. When the old on e was removed, it had leaks in each of the 5 heat exchangers, which if continued would have allowed carbon monoxide to saturate my home! Fortunately, the new furnace was installed in the nick of time. Not only are we safer, we breathe more easily.

...We are doubly greatful for the Ameren Illinois Home Efficiency Program for the our safety and for our improved living conditions. Thank you.

- Albert W
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