July 15, 2020

Thermostats have a fan setting that controls your heating and cooling system’s blower. The three settings are “Off,” “On,” and “Auto.” There are pros and cons to each setting as detailed below.

Auto Setting

When you choose the “Auto” setting, your fan only turns on when your system is actively heating or cooling your home. Once your desired temperature is reached, the system shuts down as does the fan.

“Auto” is the most energy-efficient setting. It’s also the best setting to use if your home is humid; if the fan is constantly running, moisture doesn’t have the opportunity to drip outside. You also don’t have to change your filter as often when you move the fan setting to “Auto.”

One drawback of using the “Auto” setting is that the air isn’t as well distributed in your home. This is because the fan is off when the system isn’t actively heating or cooling. Additionally, the blower motor fan may wear out faster when it starts and stops more often.

On Setting

When you select the “On” setting, your fan runs regardless of whether the system is heating or cooling your home. Just like the “Auto” setting, there are pluses and minuses to this.

The “On” setting results in better indoor air quality. Since air is constantly moving through the system, more air runs through the filter. The “On” setting also results in better air distribution in your home as air is constantly on the move from one room to another.

The biggest con of the “On” setting is that you’ll have higher energy bills as the fan is always working. You’ll need to replace the filter more often as well. Additionally, you may notice cold air coming from your vents in the winter and warm air in the summer because of this setting.

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