Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning is a full-service company specializing in heating and air in Niantic, IL. Our certified HVAC technicians can help if you need to have your furnace or AC serviced or repaired. We also offer professional heating and cooling installation and can help ensure you get the best system for your home.

    Heating and Air Conditioning Repairs

    No matter what type of heating and cooling units your home has, they will almost always need some repair at some point. Scheduling any necessary repairs as soon as possible can go a long way toward lowering the repair costs and protecting the life of your furnace or AC.

    Even minor issues will put greater strain on your furnace or AC and cause greater wear and tear. If your heating or AC isn’t working properly, your energy bills will also be higher until you repair the issue.

    You should watch for these issues with your heating or cooling system and schedule a repair call as soon as you spot them:
    • System runs for an hour or more
    • Loud or unusual sounds
    • Vents blow room temperature air
    • System cycles rapidly

    Niantic’s HVAC Installation Experts

    Replacing your aging furnace or air conditioner is an investment that can pay off in the long run. New HVAC units tend to be higher efficiency, so your heating or cooling costs will be lower. With a new unit, you also won’t need to worry as much about potentially having to pay for expensive repairs.

    A new furnace or AC will almost certainly be more effective and help you stay more comfortable even in extreme heat or cold. Your new unit will most likely come with a warranty covering the costs to repair it should it have any defects or not work as it should.

    Heating and Cooling Maintenance

    Annual heating and cooling maintenance are essential for keeping your home comfortable and preventing energy bills from suddenly increasing. If you neglect to have your furnace or AC serviced yearly, it will likely need more repairs in the future and not last as long as it otherwise could. It will also do a better job of keeping your home at a consistent temperature.

    The technician will also fully inspect the system when servicing your heater or air conditioner. You can then have the unit repaired. This reduces the risk of the unit suddenly giving out during a snowstorm or heat wave.

    Contact Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning today for more information on our heating and air services in Niantic or if you need to schedule a service call.