At Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning, we are happy to be the most reliable heating and air conditioning company in La Place, IL. We offer various heating and cooling services, from repair to installation and maintenance. With more than four decades of experience, you can trust us.

    We are a BBB-accredited company with an A+ rating and we’re certified by ENERGY STAR and BPI. If a heating or cooling emergency arises, we offer 24/7 emergency service.

    Reliable Heating and Cooling Repair

    Your heating and cooling unit often provides hints when something is wrong. You simply need to be attentive to these warnings. One of the first signs that you need to call us for a repair service is a faulty thermostat. Your thermostat could fail due to incorrect temperature readings, temperature fluctuations, dead or low battery, short cycling, or dust buildup inside the thermostat.

    Another huge red flag is uneven air temperature coming from the vents. If your AC is blowing warm air through the vents during cooling periods, you should give our heating and air conditioning company a call. Similarly, if the heater is blowing cold air during the cold seasons, there is a problem. Possible culprits include blocked or dirty vents, clogged air filters, leaky ducts, or something simple as your AC is set to fan-only mode on your thermostat. There are other serious warning signs such as malfunctioning blower motor or refrigerant leak.

    Caution signs to keep an eye out for include:
    • High humidity inside your home
    • Odd smells coming from the vents
    • Weak airflow from vents
    • AC or furnace making unusual sounds

    La Place’s Outstanding HVAC Installation

    A new HVAC unit might be what you need in your La Place home. One of the major deciding factors is the age of the unit. If your unit is over ten years old, it might not be at its peak efficiency. Although that depends on how well you maintain it. Another factor to consider is the cost of repairs. If the repair costs are more than half the cost of a new system, installing a new system would be a smart investment.

    When installing a new system, getting the correct size is important to avoid problems like increased energy bills and untimely wear and tear. The ideal size depends on factors like the square footage of your home, construction materials, and sun exposure. You can ask one of our technicians for help picking your new unit.

    Professional Heating and Cooling Maintenance

    Most people overlook HVAC maintenance, only calling a heating and air conditioning company when the system breaks down. However, regular maintenance is incredibly important. It helps you save money, breathe healthier air, and increase your system’s lifespan. Our technicians can catch problems before they balloon into bigger issues, giving you comfort throughout the year. Ensure that you schedule HVAC maintenance twice a year for peak system efficiency.

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