When you need a reliable heating and air conditioning company in Kenney, IL, Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning will provide reliable service. We have over 40 years of expertise and can service and repair all brands and models of heating and cooling systems.

    We have a BBB accreditation with an A+ rating and are well-known for our expertise and promptness. Because we want to make your house pleasant and secure, we provide emergency repair services 24/7. Our professionals will serve you with honesty and integrity, keeping open lines of communication throughout the process.

    Professional Heating and Cooling Installation

    Your HVAC system will eventually need replacement due to age or complete failure. Furnaces and air conditioners have a finite lifetime and may develop irreparable faults. Frequent repairs also indicate that you need a new furnace and air conditioner. If the repair cost of your HVAC system is more than half the replacement cost, installation is cost-effective.

    For safety reasons, schedule heating and cooling system installation services with our professionals. You should use a heating and air conditioning company that follows safety codes and standards during installation. Allowing trained technicians to assist you in selecting an efficient furnace or air conditioner is critical since they know what to look for.

    There are various benefits of investing in a modern heating and cooling system.
    • Lower utility bills
    • Better indoor air quality
    • Improve energy efficiency
    • Even cooling and heating
    • Improve comfort and safety
    • Reduce breakdowns and malfunctions

    Kenney’s Heating and Cooling Repair

    Licensed HVAC Contractor in Urbana, IL
    If your HVAC system develops a problem, hire repair services from a reputable heating and air conditioning company. Understanding your furnace or air conditioner problem might aid your technician in making an accurate diagnosis. If you hear weird noises from your air conditioner or furnace, it might be a sign of a larger problem.

    A foul odor, insufficient airflow, leakage, and a broken thermostat show your HVAC system needs repair. You also need heating and AC repair services if you discover that the humidity in your home is higher than usual. Repairing minor difficulties on your furnace and AC on time can help prevent deeper issues.

    Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

    You need to maintain your HVAC system because it accounts for a significant amount of your energy costs. Regular HVAC maintenance allows your technician to spot and correct minor faults before they become major problems. To ensure the effectiveness and safety of your system, your technician should inspect indoor and outdoor HVAC components. Other aspects of maintenance include lubricating moving parts, changing and cleaning air filters, monitoring leaks, and checking thermostat accuracy.

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