November 17, 2020

Energy efficiency should be one of your top concerns this winter, especially with regards to heating maintenance. It’s something that must be tackled from different angles; you must make your home efficient, ensure your heating system is properly maintained, and regulate when the heater runs.

Insulating and Sealing Your Home

How your home is insulated and seal will affect its ability to retain warm air. While your attic and walls may already be insulated, chances are the insulation is old and not the ideal thickness.

Sealing cracks and other openings is essential. Fortunately, you can treat this as a mostly DIY project since there are many weatherstripping materials available, including vinyl gaskets, tension seals, open-cell foam tapes, and caulking.

Cleaning the Heater

Next, focus on your heating system. Whether it’s a ducted or ductless unit, it cannot run efficiently with dirt and grime inside it. Start by replacing its filter. Chances are your filters are pleated filters; these should be replaced every 60 to 90 days. If they’re electrostatic filters, all you have to do is clean them regularly, usually monthly.

Creating a Heating Schedule

An efficient heater can still waste energy by running unnecessarily, in particular when everyone is asleep and when no one is home. Program your thermostat so the heater doesn’t run during these times. Also, have the heater prep your home by turning on about 30 minutes before you wake up or come back home.

Benefits of Professional Maintenance

This last step is perhaps the most important. A technician should be called over at least every fall to provide a heating tune-up. This will eliminate any small problems, such as loose wiring, dirty blowers, and an uncalibrated thermostat before they contribute to energy wastage.

Family-Run Company to Assist You

You can leave your next maintenance project to Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning, a family-owned and -operated company in Decatur, IL. We’re available 24/7 to respond to emergency situations, too. Home performance services and fireplace services are some of our other specialties. Contact us today for a convenient appointment.

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