Fireplace Company in Mahomet, ILIf you are looking for a fireplace company in Mahomet, IL, then make sure to contact Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning today. Our team of experienced professionals can also conduct a fireplace repair whenever you need it. We’ve been providing top-notch gas fireplaces for over forty years, and we can provide you with repairs and tune-ups whenever you need them. Our fireplace assistance is affordable and efficient, so we can be there as soon as possible and get your new fireplace installed. We also offer 24/7 assistance for any fireplace issues that pop up, and we’ll get it solved so you can get back to enjoying nice and toasty home comfort. Whatever fireplace issue you have, contact our team today.

    Local Fireplace Company You Can Trust in Mahomet

    A gas fireplace lasts between ten to fifteen years, and if you want it to continue to work properly and last, then getting a yearly tune-up by an experienced professional is a smart move. Getting it regularly checked out will help your fireplace work as best it should without needing a major repair, or worse, a replacement. However, even if you get it checked out regularly, there will be times when only a fireplace repair will be your solution. Our team can be right over to fix your unit in no time at all. We strive to do whatever we can to gain your trust and satisfaction.

    Local Fireplace Company You Can Trust in Mahomet

    If you are having any of these issues with your fireplace, then contact us right away:
    • You smell gas or a burning smell
    • It’s constantly turning on and off
    • Issues with the pilot light
    • There’s a big build-up of soot

    Fireplace Repair Experts You Can Count on

    Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning has been around for over forty years, helping Mahomet residents with their fireplaces and other home comfort issues. Our experts are always polite, unobtrusive, and methodical. Whether you’re getting a fireplace repair, installation, or having it tuned up, we promise to never leave a huge mess after a job. Our goal is to do everything right the first time so we can gain your trust and satisfaction. We want to make things go smoothly and give you peace of mind. We strive to be the fireplace and home comfort team you can rely on from now on.

    If you need a fireplace company in Mahomet, then contact Jesse Heating & Air Conditioning.

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    We also offer fireplace services in Decatur, Champaign, St. Joseph, and Urbana.